Travel Radar Media’s inception was as a Community Facebook Page in 2015, as a two-man group. Growing through the years, we’ve since grown to work with a team of over 35 staff, with correspondents scattered across the world in all 6 continents. A combined passion for the Travel, Aviation and Transportation industry brings our team together, and we have a deep-rooted passion to bring you reliable, accurate and interesting news from the industry scene! Find out a little more about what we do and meet the faces behind the brand below.

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Our stats speak for themselves! Last year (2017-2018) we had over 1.6m unique users, 12.4m yearly page impressions and 7.3m yearly page engagements with 2-in-3 of our audience engaging with our posts and 8-out-of-10 recommending us. Want a more comprehensive report? Get in touch for our Media Kit