Can a $50 million Boeing investment make up for Airbus’ ‘No Deal’ Brexit Threat to U.K.?


Can Boeing investment post Brexit help the U.K if Airbus ceases production.

Campaigners for Change Britain are supporting Boeing’s investment plans after Rivals Airbus gave a stark warning about having rethink its presence in the UK if they exit the European Union without agreeing on terms with the bloc. Maybe Boeing’s investment is just going to be washed away by the loss if Airbus exits.

Broughton Airbus Factory at Hawarden airport.

First of all The United Kingdom is a founding nation of the Airbus consortium and one of the company’s four home marketsFurthermore every wing on Airbus Commercial aircraft are designed and manufactured in the U.K. In addition Airbus employs approximately 15,000 staff across the U.K with over 25 sites across the country. Finally Airbus worldwide adds a value of £7.8 billion gross value to the U.K. GDP.

Boeing’s senior manager of operations James Needham said “We have an ambitious plan to deliver successful manufacturing parts from Sheffield. You know 146 components will leave Sheffield and be on every 737 from next year when we reach a full rate of production,”

In conclusion Airbus contribution is valued at over £7.8 billion towards GDP. As a result £1 in every £400 collected by the UK government can be attributed to Airbus’ activity. Finally the Boeing deal is valued at only £30-£40 Million. So without Airbus the U.K is set to lose over £7.6 billion approximately in investments.

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