Gear Doesn’t Retract on Emirates A380 from London to Dubai.


An Emirates Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDI performing flight EK-16 from London Gatwick, EN (UK) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), was climbing out of Gatwick’s runway 26L when the aircraft was seen to still have its gear down awhile after departure. The aircraft stopped the climb at FL090 (9000ft AMSL) and entered a hold, before diverting to London’s Heathrow Airport. The aircraft landed safely on runway 27R one hour after departure.

Multiple ground observers reported they saw the aircraft climb out without the gear being retracted, other observers reported the aircraft entered a hold near Dover with the gear extended.

The airline reported a technical issue prompted the diversion to Heathrow. The passengers that were onboard are being accommodated on flights from Heathrow to Dubai.

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