Plane catches fire midair with World Cup team onboard.


The official team plane for the Saudi Arabian World Cup Football team had to make an emergency landing after catching fire.

Alarming pictures show large flames shooting out of the 12 year old jets engines. The aircraft, an Airbus A319-111, was bound for Rostov Airport where the team are due to play Uruguay on Wednesday.


A statement from Rossiya claimed that the preliminary cause of malfunction was a bird flying into the engine – but both were working on landing at Rostov-on-Don.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTjr6Eim_gE[/embedyt]


An official statement read from the football association read: “The Saudi Football Federation wishes to reassure everyone about the safety of all members of the mission of the national team after a minor technical malfunction in an engine”.

Let’s hope that this traumatic flight gives the players what they need to make up for the previous 5-0 loss they received from Russia.





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