Qantas’ latest 767 Freighter Replacement


Qantas’ only 767 Freighter has gone into scheduled maintenance.

The 767 freighter VH-EFR has entered scheduled maintenance in the airlines Brisbane Maintenance Hangar. The aircraft flies between Sydney (Australia) – Auckland (New Zealand) – Christchurch (New Zealand) – Sydney 6 days per week, and also one flight to Hong Kong from Sydney once a week.

The aircraft operates under the Qantas Group’s wholly owned subsidiary Qantas Freight.

The Replacement Aircraft

Qantas have leased a Polar Air Cargo / Atlas Air 767-300(ER) (BDSF) Freighter, which arrived in Sydney on the 18th of June. The BDSF designation is to distinguish this freighter conversion as that conducted by Israeli Aerospace industries (IAI) Bedek Aircraft Group.

The replacement aircraft is operating to the same schedule as VH-EFR’s usual schedule. Sadly the schedule is overnight for the New Zealand legs, so our Kiwi fans will not see the replacement aircraft in daylight.






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