Qantas’ Perth Aircraft Changes


Qantas to fly 747 to SYD-PER, and A330 from PER-SIN

Perth to Singapore

Currently, the Perth to Singapore route is flown by Qantas’ 737-800’s. But Qantas has confirmed that they will upgrade the route from a double daily 737 to a daily A330.

The A330 will start on the route from July 22nd and is set to fly until October. There may be a further announcement made at a later on the extension of the route.

Sydney to Perth

Qantas’ iconic 747 is planned to fly from Sydney to Perth. The aircraft is not on a set schedule, and won’t be flying the route daily. Qantas will add it into the Sydney to Perth/Perth to Sydney route when needed from July 30th.

They will start retiring their 747’s in 2020, so it is good they are getting a go in Western Australia before they are gone forever.

The airline says these schedule changes are being made “to support our pilot training requirements”, and come in response to a reported shortage of Boeing 737 crew as pilots are being trained up for the Boeing 787 Dreamliners.


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