United Airline (UA971) Suspected BOMB THREAT


Just as the United Boeing 767-330 was due to cross the Atlantic Ocean on it’s routine flight from Rome to Chicago a concerned passenger raised the alarm when a hand written note was found making reference to a bomb on the Aircraft. Any such threat must be taken seriously and the crew decided to divert the aircraft back to Shannon Airport where the local police can investigate this threat further and act accordingly.

At 34,000 feet and only 3 hours into the 10 hour flight the crew turned back towards Shannon Airport reducing airspeed and altitude whilst jettisoning fuel, the aircraft then entered a holding pattern at 8,000 feet for 30 minutes in order to burn off any excess fuel and reduce the weight of the aircraft.

Fire crew and police met the 767 as it landed at Shannon Airport where the passengers and crew were disembarked  shortly after.


The aircraft in question ( N665UA) was carrying 214 Passengers, 8 crew and 3 pilots on this long haul flight which landed safely in Shannon Airport where local police ‘Garda’ have taken writing samples to determine who was responsible for note in question.

At this time officials have no reason to believe there is a bomb on the aircraft but every precaution is being taken to search the aircraft and passengers for such a device.

The aircraft is scheduled to resume it’s flight under the flight number (UAL2825) at 4pm local time and return to normal operations flying back to Rome tomorrow afternoon.



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